Masteriza la luminosidad de Sandro Cabrera

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En esta ocasión van a poder conocer a fondo el curso Udemy Masteriza la luminosidad de Sandro Cabrera, uno de los mejores sobre Fotografía y video. Actualmente este curso tiene una excelente crítica por parte de los usuarios que ya lo han cursado y es dictado por Sandro Cabrera que tiene una excelente formación profesional.

Masteriza la luminosidad de Sandro Cabrera

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  • Título: Masteriza la luminosidad
  • Autor: Sandro Cabrera
  • Idioma: Español
  • Modalidad: Online
  • Estado: Disponible
  • Temática: Fotografía y video

Quién es Sandro Cabrera?

I'm a computer and communications electronics engineer, but my real passion is photography. Just like you, I proposed to myself to learn Image processing and photography without going to the University again. But the sad part about learning for yourself, is that without proper guidance, this process can take you years of being stuck on the same place. In 15 years, I've come to the observation that I had two main setbacks. I was trying to learn mostly on Youtube from people whom are not real professionals and I've also found out that most professionals turn to be terrible teachers. They have been professionals for so long that they assume you know everything. So they fly through content without taking a pause to explain the fundamentals. I have learned from these mistakes and since I was exactly were you are today, I know exactly what you need to reach the next level. If you identify with what I've said, I have very good advice for you. 1- Techniques are irrelevant, what matters is the result. Better spend time learning the theory and fundamentals of visual arts 2- Stop chasing the «How», it's much better is you ask yourself «Why», «When» and «Where». 3- Finding good teachers is key. The ones who care to explain, the ones that take their job seriously and verify the content before publishing.  The ones that have a clear planned structure and do not recur to improvisation. If you find this advice useful, I invite you to check out my courses. Where I will not only show you «How to do things». I will also explain why should we do it, when should we stop, were does it look good and so on. This way, when you find yourself working on your own projects, you will have extensive knowledge to achieve excellent results on your own. My image processing is commercial level. Your skills will improve for sure.

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Requiere Photoshop, si no lo tienes, Adobe ofrece 30 días de prueba en todos sus productos

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